Young Adult Psychiatric Addiction Program

Young Adult Psychiatric & Addiction Programs at Ridgeview Institute

Our Young Adult Psychiatric program treats patients ages 18 – 26 experiencing psychiatric disorders. Whether this is the first time a young adult is experiencing a psychiatric disorder or has a history of prior treatment, there is great benefit for the young adult to be treated within a group of peers as they share similar age-related life stressors.

We teach coping skills for managing illness along with their family and the importance of ongoing therapy and support as they move forward in life. Treatment at Ridgeview Institute includes an individualized treatment plan, group therapy, community meetings, psycho-educational groups and lectures on disease management and age appropriate life skills.

Dual diagnosis

This program is designed for patients who have a psychiatric disorder co-occurring with an addiction. Ridgeview addresses both problems, providing treatment and tools to help the patient simultaneously work toward recovery from addiction and manage the psychiatric illness.

Family education and treatment are key components of Ridgeview’s programs and are particularly important in treating the young adult. Clinicians provide a wide range of services, including family therapy and multi-family support groups. A family workshop is available monthly for patients and family members of young adults currently in treatment.

Partial hospitalization is the primary level of care for Young Adult Services. Those needing inpatient detoxification will start treatment in our inpatient adult unit and step down to partial hospitalization and recovery residence to continue their wellness journey.

Separate male and female residences located on our campus are staff monitored and offer additional support, structure and community for young adult patients entering treatment. Residents participate in a variety of community activities and 12-step meetings. The environment enables patients to bond, learn to assume responsibilities among their peers, and deepen in their own recovery.



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