Inpatient Programming

Ridgeview Institute has you and your loved ones in mind. Our dedicated staff is here to help individuals like you navigate through difficult times. We are focused on your journey to wellness and recovery.

Ridgeview has inpatient treatment programs that serve adolescents, adults, and older adults who are struggling with a mental health and/or substance abuse concern. Different circumstances lead us here, and when serious mental health issues arise, inpatient hospitalization may be the best course of action. We have designed treatment programs to give individuals the opportunity to heal and grow while surrounded by mental health professionals who provide the needed tools and care to begin the journey to recovery.

We offer individualized care provided by psychiatrists, nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, licensed counselors, social workers, and trained mental health technicians. The treatment plan begins with a comprehensive individual plan, created with the patient, their family, and the entire treatment team. In addition to immediate stabilization of symptoms, your inpatient stay will include a diagnosis, medication management if needed, and detailed after-care planning with our discharge planning team.

Once symptom stabilization is achieved, we shift the focus to managing your recovery, after-care, and continuing care. This includes possible step-down to our outpatient offerings- programs such as Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programming, which are available to all our patients who successfully complete their inpatient stay. The next step in the continuum of care is connections to community-based services.

Whatever your needs are, Ridgeview is here to help. Call us today!



Ridgeview Institute is here to guide your journey toward mental wellness. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 assessments at no cost. If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health or substance abuse issue contact us to see how we can help.