Evergreen Senior Adult Psychiatric and Addiction Program

The Senior Adult Program at Smyrna was established in 1999 and offers comprehensive evaluations and inpatient care for adults aged 55 and older experiencing addiction or psychiatric disorders. In a recent interview, Dr. Gary Figiel, the medical director of the geriatric program talks about the elements that distinguish the Ridgeview Institute campuses apart from other behavioral health facilities. For the full interview with Dr. Gary Figiel, please view it in full on our YouTube channel.

The program is in our newest building “Evergreen,” with soaring windows overlooking the woods and garden.

Its modern state-of-the-art design provides safety and beauty, to comfortably accommodate the unique needs of senior adults, including those with physical limitations who may need more assistance.

Treatment includes 24-hour nursing care, medication management, group therapy, family therapy, activity therapy, and educational groups. Programming is geared to address the specific needs of this age group in three distinct treatment tracks, with a model of wellness, life balance and enrichment.

Adults admitted to our program receive psychiatric evaluation and medical oversight to assist with stabilization, as well as determining the appropriate mental health treatment needed.

Senior adult addiction — Patients may enter treatment for medically monitored detoxification from a life-long addiction to alcohol or drugs, or may be experiencing a more recent addiction to prescription medications or other substances. Programming includes group therapy, psycho-educational groups, and a foundation based in 12-step recovery. A 12-step meeting is offered on the unit specifically for senior adult patients currently in treatment, as well as senior adult alumni.

Recovering Ridgeview alumni volunteer with addicted patients to educate and provide support through the detoxification process and encourage a commitment to sobriety.

Senior adult psychiatry — Patients may be in crisis with a history of psychiatric illness or may be experiencing new psychiatric problems as a result of age-related challenges such as retirement or bereavement. This track is for those adults who are cognitively capable of self-examination, self-direction and goal setting in group therapy and psycho-educational groups, with a focus on disease management and coping skills.

Senior adult psychiatry for those with cognitive challenges — Patients may require more structure, direction and assistance due to cognitive challenges related to Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment, delirium, psychosis or other conditions. Our multidisciplinary team, led by a geriatric psychiatrist, will complete a thorough physical and psychiatric evaluation and provide medication management to stabilize challenging behaviors.

Continuing care
The treatment team works closely with each patient to set realistic goals for treatment and to develop a continuing care plan to ensure that their ongoing needs are met. Senior adult addiction and psychiatric alumni may participate in aftercare or get involved with the Ridgeview’s Alumni Association, which offers support, fellowship and volunteer activities.

Staff case managers are well versed in the wide range of community, state and federal resources that the older adult may need when returning home or to other settings. Referrals are made that will give ongoing support for medical, physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.



Ridgeview Institute is here to guide your journey toward mental wellness. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 assessments at no cost. If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health or substance abuse issue contact us to see how we can help.