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Meet Eddie Reece, he is a psychotherapist and educator with a private practice in Alpharetta, GA. We are grateful to have Mr. Reece as a resource for our staff and community partners. Eddie will be presenting a live webinar “Anger & Rage: A Modern Perspective” April 22, 2022. Teaching why anger is not the problem, but rather, rage is. Eddie will show that anger is a healthy response often not expressed. Instead, rage is expressed as a destructive response to feeling helpless, hopeless and powerless. Eddie describes himself as a reluctant writer who avoids writing by playing golf and music whenever he can. If that doesn’t work, he watches TV. His work experience in many diverse occupations allows him to relate to a wide variety of people, whether helping a therapy client, business client or filling up a blank page. His practice focuses on helping people get along, so he named his business Getting Along, Inc.

Eddie earned a master’s degree in counseling from Georgia State University. His varied counseling career includes business consulting, professional development, working in a psychiatric hospital, the juvenile court system and drug and alcohol recovery treatment centers. He’s been in the helping profession since 1987 and in private practice since 1992, where he finally found a way of making a living he could stick with.

Eddie fulfilled a long time dream of being an adjunct professor of counseling at Argosy University, where he taught graduate students for several years. He is a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists and former member of The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, where he served as Public Relations Chair. He is a former committee member of the Southern Region of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.

He has a passion for sharing what he’s learning in life. He sees himself as always a student/teacher, whether it’s through writing, helping a client through a difficult time, or guiding an athlete to find more joy in their game. His passions include ending the stigma of seeing a therapist and helping therapists promote the idea that therapy is for everybody.

Eddie’s easy going, down to earth, humorous, approach to life’s most difficult questions and love for teaching and healing, might inspire you to open your heart and mind to a different way of seeing the world. He was born, reared and still lives in metro Atlanta, GA.

April 18, 2022


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